About Our After School Programs

Come explore your imagination and creativity through educational concepts in our kitchen. In each cooking experience, children will make individual creations that are prepped in our workshops and then either cooked in our rolling kitchen or taken home to be cooked and enjoyed with their families.

Our programs are infused with critical thinking skills, conceptual understanding, and opportunities for real world application of content related concepts. We incorporate educational topics in our highly engaging and hands on workshops where children are learning and cooking! Fun fact sheets and recipes are taken home to re-enforce and share concepts with parents.

Bring Our Programs to You

After School Programs
for Grades K thru 5


The Foodie Engineer

It’s time to combine baking with geometric figures and architectural designs! Children will approach their desserts as if they were buildings, and create unique edible […]


The Creative Kitchen

Join us in our creative kitchen where children are inspired by creativity and out of the box thinking as they explore STEAM and design edible […]


Sweet Adventures

Join us on a fun adventure and get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth! Enter an enchanted world to create magical unicorns and dragon breath […]


The Culinary Chemist

Grab a beaker, pick up a whisk and get ready to cook up chemistry! Using food as our tools (or ingredients!) we will measure, weigh, […]


The Playful Chef

It’s time to get creative and play with your food!  Children will take simple fruits, veggies, and dishes packed with protein and transform them into […]


Baking Around The World

Take your taste buds on tour as you learn about geography, history, and culture as we travel the world! Children will learn how to make […]


Hogwarts School of Culinary Magic

Come relive the excitement of Harry Potter’s adventures with magical recipes in our kitchen! With a dash of mystery and a pinch of creativity, you’ll […]


The Art Studio

Grab a paintbrush and mix up some colors to create amazing works of art with food! Use your imagination to make masterpieces out of your […]



Join us as we transform our kitchen into a tinker lab where children are inspired to build like an engineer, question like a scientist, create […]


Kitchen Adventures

Travel back in time and learn about our history! Become paleontologists and study the different species of dinosaurs, blast off into outer space and learn […]

After School Programs
for Preschool


Lil Science Chef

Put on your lab coat and join us in the kitchen where you are the scientist  and the kitchen is your laboratory! Children will apply […]


Animal Adventures

Ever wonder why an octopus has 3 hearts or what types of food dinosaurs liked to eat? Join us on an adventure as we learn […]


Lil Number Chef

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Children will learn how to count and identify numbers while preparing, cooking, and snacking their way though number […]


Kitchen Little

It’s time to cook with our favorite books! Join us as we have fun learning new recipes- varying from savory to sweet – inspired by […]


Eating The Alphabet

Get ready to eat your  way through the alphabet while learning letter sounds and recognition. Join us as we go on an adventure creating edible […]

“What an adorable class! My 3 year old had a wonderful time learning how to make cookie dough and we cannot wait to go back!”