Kids’ Summer Camps

Join us for our week-long camps throughout the summer for all ages. Campers will learn safety skills and techniques while whipping up batches of fun in our kitchen! Children can travel the world as a food explorer, enter our STEAM Lab to create edible arts and crafts, step into the role of a master chef to compete in our CHOPPED and Cupcake War competitions, cook up mathematical creations, whip up magical potions, the sky is the limit!

Please note: Children who are 3.5 years of age MUST BE potty trained in order to attend camp.

Drop Ins

Not ready to commit for an entire week of camp? Not a problem, take advantage of our drop in program! Browse our weekly camp themes and activities and then pick and choose what days you want to send your camper!  Why not get a little taste of everything?

Summer Camps
Ages 3.5 to 5


Lil Science Chef

Put on your lab coat and join us in the kitchen where you are the scientist  and the kitchen is your laboratory! Children will apply physical science, chemistry, and biology […]


Lil Number Chef

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Children will learn how to count and identify numbers while preparing, cooking, and snacking their way though number concepts. Little chefs will problem […]


Kitchen Little

It’s time to cook with our favorite books! Join us as we have fun learning new recipes- varying from savory to sweet – inspired by our favorite storybook characters. Little […]

Summer Camps
Ages 6 to 8


Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Don’t miss out on  a chance for a creepy crawler adventure as we explore the world of insects through food! Learn about these invertebrates through hands on fun in our […]


Dinosaur Discoveries

Explore the world of dinosaurs and become a junior paleontologist with your favorite foods! Discover fossils, behaviors, adaptations, and habitats of your favorite dinosaurs through hands on fun. Create 3D […]


Kitchen Adventures

Travel back in time and learn about our history! Become paleontologists and study the different species of dinosaurs, blast off into outer space and learn about our solar system and […]


Pop, Fizz, Bang!

Put on your lab coat and join us in the kitchen where you are the scientist and the kitchen is your laboratory! Children will apply physical science, chemistry, and biology […]


Once Upon A Kitchen

Enter the enchanted world of reading where children’s favorite stories are brought to life and infused with deliciously clever recipes. Workshops combine the magic of storytelling with the fun of […]


Cook By Numbers

Calling all math lovers! Join our kitchen and become a master chef of mathematics. Children will explore a variety of mathematical topics while applying their skills in the kitchen! Prepare, […]

Summer Camps
Ages 8 to 12


Hogwarts School of Culinary Magic

Come relive the excitement of Harry Potter’s adventures with magical recipes in our kitchen! With a dash of mystery and a pinch of creativity, you’ll conjure up magical treats, snacks, […]


The Spa Lab

Spend the week getting pampered in our spa lab! Learn the science behind spa products as we take ordinary kitchen ingredients and make colorful bath bombs, lush lotion bars, sugary […]


Garden STEM

Get ready for a multistory experience as we transform our kitchen into a garden! Explore all your senses as we plant, grow, design, and whip up recipes with fruits, vegetables, […]


The Art Studio

Grab a paintbrush and mix up some colors to create amazing works of art with food! Use your imagination to make masterpieces out of your favorite treats. Whether its designing […]



Join us as we transform our kitchen into a tinker lab where children are inspired to build like an engineer, question like a scientist, create like an artist, and deduce […]

“My son enjoyed working with Lisa! She is patient and so creative! After each class, he was very excited to tell me about a new technique he learned and about the ingredients he used. While students work on the same dish, they each get to put their individual mark on it, such as selecting flavors, colors, and decorations. Whenever I arrived to pick my son up, all of the children were actively engaged and excited to show their creations, which they got to take home. Sometimes, they even made enough to share with the family. My son can’t wait to return when the next series is offered!”